Weekly Update 10/24

It’s update day!

☑️WIPs: I had a come to Jesus meeting with Pacemaker yesterday (the program I use to track my wordcount and hit my deadlines) and the situation isn’t as dire as I thought it was. I was wiser than I realized and had written off my GRL trip as zero wordcount days, so even with all the motivation issues and life interference, with some diligence I should be able to catch up and get back on track by the end of the month. YAY!

☑️Edits. I’m going over the edits to my holiday short story, A Whole Latke Love, finally. It’s super schmoopy and sweet. Planned release is mid-December (for Hanukkah!).

☑️Soft Limits. Preorder begins on Monday!! (OMG) ARCs will be available that day as well in my Facebook group. There won’t be many so keep your eyes peeled.

☑️ Payne & Tortuga. First Rodeo has been released! YAY! The books I brought all sold out at GRL, which was amazing. People are loving Sam & Thomas and that makes me very happy. If you got an ARC and haven’t posted your review, please do so like, NOW. Thanks!

☑️Re-releases. Creative Process will be back by Friday (maybe earlier!), and this time in KU as well as for purchase on Amazon. If you haven’t read Reese and Owen, now you can!

☑️GRL. My first GRL was amazing. I have way too much to say so I won’t give you the download here, but first and most importantly, I have to thank my hostesses Julia Talbot and B.a. Tortuga for their generosity in putting me up and letting me be in their way for over a week. Everyone I met at the con was very kind and friendly, the organizers were on the ball, and I had a wonderful time. I plan/hope to be in St. Louis next year!

That’s it for the state of Jodi. Hope you’re all having a great week! ❤️

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