#This is Consent, #Consent in Romance

From Posy Roberts:

“Authors, share scenes from your books that show what consent looks like. I’d love it if we could link these up somehow, perhaps a hashtag like #ThisIsConsent and #ConsentInRomance.” (Link to Posy’s blog post)


This is scene from my novel Creative Process, in which Reese does not consent to intercourse, and that is instantly respected:

Reese hooked a finger under Owen’s chin and pulled him closer. Owen leaned in easily. “Maybe we should just focus on tonight, for now?” Reese suggested. He leaned down and set his drink on the coffee table, then gently lifted Owen’s drink from his fingers and did the same.

“Tonight…” Owen’s words slowed to a stutter. “Sounds like a good—”

Reese wasn’t actually sure who kissed whom first, but their conversation was cut short and their martinis forgotten as their lips locked together. Reese felt Owen’s hands go around his waist and he slid his fingers along both sides of Owen’s jaw. Owen melted into him, and Reese deepened the kiss, pressing his tongue further into Owen’s mouth. He raked his fingers through Owen’s hair before tightening his fingers around the back of Owen’s neck, then lay back and pulled Owen with him.

“God.” Owen breathed around the kiss. They were both hard, Reese could feel Owen’s erection pressing into his thigh, and his own was straining against the fly of his tuxedo pants. But Reese didn’t feel like rushing things, less out of politeness and more because something about the beautiful way Owen was giving himself over inspired Reese to savor, take his time, learn something.

But he wasn’t sure how long Owen was going to stand for that. Owen started slowly working on the buttons of Reese’s shirt one by one. Reese enjoyed the sensation of someone’s fingers on him again, someone wanting him. Owen’s hands went to Reese’s chest, roaming and exploring, sliding over his ribs and across Reese’s nipples. Owen’s hands were strong but gentle, his touch light on Reese’s skin. Teasing. Owen’s mouth went to work as well, and Reese couldn’t stop the sound that escaped him, a soft, low moan that Owen echoed instantly.

Owen was wearing a black T-shirt, which Reese made very quick work of removing. Moments later, Owen’s was tugging at the waistband of Reese’s trousers with his fingers, trying to figure out the clasp there. Reese decided Owen was too wound up for subtlety and he swept Owen’s hands clear and gave him a gentle shove to the side, shifting so Owen was on his back.

“Well, well.” Owen laughed softly.

“You’re in a hurry.” Reese growled. Curious. He’d been going for something more of a purr.

“Want you.”

Reese kissed Owen, then pulled away and whispered, “Don’t fuck on a first date, beautiful.” Reese went to his knees and made very quick work of exposing Owen’s cock and balls.

“Oh. Oh, wow, okay.” Owen had started to pant. “Yeah, that’s cool. This is… oh, God.”

“Good.” That was the last thing Reese said for a while, his mouth otherwise occupied tasting and sampling everything he could.

Owen’s hips lifted and lowered again, his breath sounded thin. “Holy… was that your…? Oh, fuck.” Owen babbled. Reese found it amusing until something seemed to snap in Owen and he shifted into another gear entirely. Owen gasped and tangled his fingers in Reese’s hair. “Please!”

Reese wasn’t one to leave a man wanting. He took Owen into his mouth as deeply as he could manage and set about blowing him in earnest. His head bobbed in Owen’s lap, his fingers teased and tormented Owen’s balls.

“Fuck! Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Not stopping, Reese thought, but he couldn’t express that with words so instead he gave Owen’s balls a sharp tug.

Owen’s hips jerked away and then back again and he came, shooting into Reese’s mouth so hard it was all Reese could do to keep up. Breathless, Owen sank back into the couch and Reese licked and nibbled his way up Owen’s chest to kiss his mouth again.

“Jesus. I think I saw stars.”

Reese laughed. “I told you, rave reviews.”

“What was that thing you did with…”

“I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you.”

Owen laughed. “Bastard.”


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