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What if you had to leave everything behind to find your way home?

When Mason Wild has to get out of Jersey fast, he heads west without a plan or a penny to his name. Luckily he finds a job with a roofing company run by a rodeo cowboy who’s kind, easy to work for, and even with his jaw wired shut, hotter than July in the high desert.

Colby McBride is a blue-collar cowboy who works hard with his hands and finds his peace camping in the mountains outside Boulder. Gordon James is a white-collar restaurateur who owns two successful establishments in downtown Boulder and is devoted to his work.

Sparks fly, but things takes an unexpected turn when Gordon gets custody of his five year old niece. They say opposites attract, but can these two very different men work together to join their disparate lives and form a strong, if highly unlikely, family?

Sale ends March 28, 2021.