Readers: Please Don’t Boycott Dreamspinner Press

This started as a tweet, but I couldn’t do the point justice in so few words, so now it’s a blog post… that I will tweet about instead!

I’m going to say something kind of controversial about this call to boycott Dreamspinner Press. Read the full post before you jump all over me, please. And before I start, full disclosure, I have received all of my rights back from DSP and they have paid me for Q2. So I have no motive here except that I care about my author friends.



Why? There a few reasons, actually, but here’s the big one that I think matters most.

There are some authors who, for sound business reasons, have pulled back some of their rights but not all of them. Some of those authors have new books coming out next week, the week after. If those books aren’t purchased, if the book sits on Amazon and languishes without ranking and without reviews… if it doesn’t sell? It looks like a flop.

It doesn’t matter whether you know as a reader that it’s probably a really good book. It doesn’t matter that you think you might buy it if they ever republish it. What matters is how it looks.

These are good books that hardworking, talented authors are publishing with DSP deliberately rather than pulling them. Their reasons are many, frequently financial, and sometimes their hands are just tied.

They don’t deserve a flop. They don’t deserve to have a good book die on the vine because of a bad publisher. They don’t deserve to have their reputation as a writer take a hit because a book “didn’t sell.”

And if/when they do decide to take their rights back, if the book flopped in first edition, it will be a steep hill to pull it back up. It’s not just a cliche to say that there’s more to writing than money. I’d rather have an awesome book that I am proud of do well in the hearts and minds of readers and never get paid, than see that book die unread and look like it sucked.

Make sense? So support your favorite authors anywhere you find them. Remember that all royalties, no matter where they are earned, go through the publisher before they get to the author so it doesn’t matter what format or what retailer you prefer. At this point, the best thing you can do as a reader and a fan is make them feel good about their release (which is probably terrifying and depressing to them right now) and let them know how much you liked the book.

Thanks for reading and supporting authors.

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