Rainbow Snippets 4/27

Happy snippets day! Today’s snip is from a contemporary novel I’m writing called Mergers & Acquisitions. Jason (aka Dallas, Jason’s dancer persona) is an exotic dancer at a gay nightclub in Hell’s Kitchen. In this scene, Jason and his friend Diego are headed into the nightclub through the side entrance before their shift.

This is more than six sentences, but it’s dialogue so… I know, still cheating. Sorry!

“Come on in, ladies.” The security guard stepped out of their way.

Jason winked. “That’s ‘cowboy’, actually.”

“Oh yeah? Yeehaw, then.” The security guy didn’t even crack a smile.

“Oh, Jackson.” Diego gave the man a poke in the chest and then looked at Jason. “He’s a big softie, honey, don’t let him fool you.”

“Yippee ki-yay.” Jason smiled at Jackson and tipped his imaginary hat. Still not one hint of a smile. Wow.

Jackson blinked at him slowly and he bet the man was stoned. “Bruce Willis.”


“That’s not cowboy, that’s Bruce Willis.”

“Oh. But I thought—” Shit, I’m too Brooklyn to be a cowboy. “Thanks.”

~Mergers and Acquisitions by Jodi Payne

Have a great week!

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  1. Fun snippet!

  2. Jana Denardo says

    “That’s not cowboy, that’s Bruce Willis.” – That made me grin.

  3. What a fun scene!

  4. Heh, fun snippet!