Rainbow Snippets 10/24

This one is from Cowboy Protection, a new M/M holiday romance by me and BA Tortuga. It’s an opposites attract, enemies to lovers book with a little heat and a little Christmas magic.

Sid rolled his eyes. “Are you okay, Gus?”

“Dude, he looked like he was ready to–you really shouldn’t get into it with him.”

“Yeah, people have told me that. Thing is, I have to. He wants respect from me, then I need it from him. If you back down from an argument like that, there’s no getting back what you’ve lost.”

Gus looked horrified. “But what if he’d hit you?”

“I’m pretty sure he’d have knocked my ass out.” But taking a punch was better than looking scared, even if he ended up on the floor.

You can buy Cowboy Protection or read it in KU here: https://readerlinks.com/l/3068374

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  1. Jana denardo says

    very good point about respect

  2. Wow!