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Single dad Drew Sadler has had a bad day at work, he’s in the doghouse with his son Evan again, and to top it all off, his car just broke down in the school parking lot. Now, he has to figure out how to pay for a tow and car repairs too.

This isn’t Nick MacPherson’s first call in the rain, and the tow-truck driver doesn’t have good news for Drew. Nick can tell the soft-spoken, overwhelmed father is at his wit’s end and he wants to help, but he also finds himself drawn to Drew. Evan warms up to Nick right away, but Drew obviously has bigger issues on his mind. A late-night emergency isn’t the right time to ask Drew out for a drink, so Nick finds a subtle way to put the ball in Drew’s court.

The spark between them is undeniable, but are Nick and Drew headed for another kind of breakdown?

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