Rainbow Snippets 3/17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all! Today I’m going to give you a six-line preview of my new m/m/m ménage, Stable Hill, which is currently in pre-order at Dreamspinner Press. Oscar lost his husband three years ago and is raising their girls on his own now. Russ is the barn manager at Stable Hill Farm that became the farm manager when Oscar’s father became too ill to manage it himself any longer. The third soon-to-be lover, who is not in this particular snip, is Jeffrey, the realtor Oscar has hired to sell the farm.

This time when the silence fell between them, Oscar tried to let it be, but Russ seemed way more comfortable with it than he was. He watched the waves of grass blowing in the hayfield and examined the porch railing, which Russ must have painted recently because it looked great. He did pretty much anything but look at Russ; if he were honest, he was a little intimidated. The guy knew the farm inside and out, as Oscar had once when he’d lived with Dad, but didn’t anymore. Russ also knew damn well that Oscar hadn’t spent any real time out here in, well, years really, and the last year especially. Russ and Dad had become friends, and sometimes he worried that Russ was closer to Dad than he was.

You can pre-order Stable Hill RIGHT HERE!

Here’s the blurb:

Can three men from very different backgrounds find a home and a future together?

After losing his husband to cancer, Oscar Kennedy has his hands full with their four girls, the house, his job, and his mother-in-law. When he loses his father too, keeping Stable Hill, the old horse farm where he grew up, becomes impossible. Oscar hires Jeffrey Stokes, a slick-looking real estate broker with a roll-up-his-sleeves work ethic, to get it on the market.

Russell White manages the day-to-day at Stable Hill. Russ had loved Oscar’s dad like a father, and took on even more responsibility when the old man fell ill. He is shocked and saddened by Oscar’s decision to sell.

All three men have a stake in Stable Hill, and it’s not long before they start to invest in one another too. But their complicated relationship doesn’t make having to sell Stable Hill any easier. Will the fragile triad they’re building last when the farm that brought them together is gone?

Have a great weekend!

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For those of you that don’t know, Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction. It can be a work-in-progress, a finished work or even a six-sentence book recommendation. You’ll find anything from romance and historical fiction to mystery and YA. The common thread is that every story’s main character identifies as LGBTQ+.


Preorder Stable Hill at Dreamspinner Press

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#This is Consent, #Consent in Romance

From Posy Roberts:

“Authors, share scenes from your books that show what consent looks like. I’d love it if we could link these up somehow, perhaps a hashtag like #ThisIsConsent and #ConsentInRomance.” (Link to Posy’s blog post)


This is scene from my novel Creative Process, in which Reese does not consent to intercourse, and that is instantly respected:

Reese hooked a finger under Owen’s chin and pulled him closer. Owen leaned in easily. “Maybe we should just focus on tonight, for now?” Reese suggested. He leaned down and set his drink on the coffee table, then gently lifted Owen’s drink from his fingers and did the same.

“Tonight…” Owen’s words slowed to a stutter. “Sounds like a good—”

Reese wasn’t actually sure who kissed whom first, but their conversation was cut short and their martinis forgotten as their lips locked together. Reese felt Owen’s hands go around his waist and he slid his fingers along both sides of Owen’s jaw. Owen melted into him, and Reese deepened the kiss, pressing his tongue further into Owen’s mouth. He raked his fingers through Owen’s hair before tightening his fingers around the back of Owen’s neck, then lay back and pulled Owen with him.

“God.” Owen breathed around the kiss. They were both hard, Reese could feel Owen’s erection pressing into his thigh, and his own was straining against the fly of his tuxedo pants. But Reese didn’t feel like rushing things, less out of politeness and more because something about the beautiful way Owen was giving himself over inspired Reese to savor, take his time, learn something.

But he wasn’t sure how long Owen was going to stand for that. Owen started slowly working on the buttons of Reese’s shirt one by one. Reese enjoyed the sensation of someone’s fingers on him again, someone wanting him. Owen’s hands went to Reese’s chest, roaming and exploring, sliding over his ribs and across Reese’s nipples. Owen’s hands were strong but gentle, his touch light on Reese’s skin. Teasing. Owen’s mouth went to work as well, and Reese couldn’t stop the sound that escaped him, a soft, low moan that Owen echoed instantly.

Owen was wearing a black T-shirt, which Reese made very quick work of removing. Moments later, Owen’s was tugging at the waistband of Reese’s trousers with his fingers, trying to figure out the clasp there. Reese decided Owen was too wound up for subtlety and he swept Owen’s hands clear and gave him a gentle shove to the side, shifting so Owen was on his back.

“Well, well.” Owen laughed softly.

“You’re in a hurry.” Reese growled. Curious. He’d been going for something more of a purr.

“Want you.”

Reese kissed Owen, then pulled away and whispered, “Don’t fuck on a first date, beautiful.” Reese went to his knees and made very quick work of exposing Owen’s cock and balls.

“Oh. Oh, wow, okay.” Owen had started to pant. “Yeah, that’s cool. This is… oh, God.”

“Good.” That was the last thing Reese said for a while, his mouth otherwise occupied tasting and sampling everything he could.

Owen’s hips lifted and lowered again, his breath sounded thin. “Holy… was that your…? Oh, fuck.” Owen babbled. Reese found it amusing until something seemed to snap in Owen and he shifted into another gear entirely. Owen gasped and tangled his fingers in Reese’s hair. “Please!”

Reese wasn’t one to leave a man wanting. He took Owen into his mouth as deeply as he could manage and set about blowing him in earnest. His head bobbed in Owen’s lap, his fingers teased and tormented Owen’s balls.

“Fuck! Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

Not stopping, Reese thought, but he couldn’t express that with words so instead he gave Owen’s balls a sharp tug.

Owen’s hips jerked away and then back again and he came, shooting into Reese’s mouth so hard it was all Reese could do to keep up. Breathless, Owen sank back into the couch and Reese licked and nibbled his way up Owen’s chest to kiss his mouth again.

“Jesus. I think I saw stars.”

Reese laughed. “I told you, rave reviews.”

“What was that thing you did with…”

“I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you.”

Owen laughed. “Bastard.”


Rainbow Snippets 12/2

Hello again all!

For those of you that don’t know, Rainbow Snippets says it “is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of original fiction. Every story’s main character identifies as LGBTQ+.”

I took a short break because November was hella busy, and also because what I’ve been writing just didn’t feel ready to share yet. But I have more of my m/m/m, which now has a new title, Stable Hill. In this snip, Oscar is at his father’s farmhouse where Russ, the stable manager, lives. Russ has had a thing for Oscar for a long time, but Oscar has been untouchable, having lost his husband three years prior to cancer. That could be (is) changing. 😉 It’s slightly over six sentences, more like nine, but I couldn’t cut anything!


Russ didn’t move at first, he didn’t dare, but he could only stand like this – this close-  for so long. Finally, he grew impatient and kissed Oscar again. This time Oscar leaned in, cupping his jaw with warm, shaking fingers.

This was the real deal. This was happening. That’s it, he thought. Just relax. Breathe, and let me do this for you. He covered Oscar’s hand with his own, but Oscar whimpered at the touch and froze suddenly, breaking their kiss again.


Have a great weekend!

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Creative Process – Coming Soon!

Hey all,

It’s been a busy summer. I sold one house, moved out, bought another and moved in, which is no small feat with two kids and two cats. But it finally happened and I’m trying to find my focus again. I did get a well needed beach vacation, and the new house is wonderful so I’m not complaining at all.

In the meantime, great things have been going on behind the scenes. My new novel, Creative Process, is due to be released on September 25th! It’s actually available for preorder on Dreamspinner’s website now, and I’ll put up links on the book’s page for everywhere else when I get them.

It’s a story about Reese, a best-selling author who is frequently owned by his muse (a detective dead set on apprehending a serial killer), and haunted by the ghost of relationships past. It’s also a story about Owen, a cellist who has finally landed a position with the symphony, a goal he’s been working toward since he was young despite the disapproval of his family. It’s a story about their chance meeting, the different ways artistic lives can interfere with and also enhance relationships, and about making love a priority.

Reese and Owen are surrounded by an eclectic group of New York artists and friends – writers, musicians, sculptors, mixed media, painters, etc. – who play a big role in helping them along to their HEA.

Click here for an excerpt, and to pre-order!

The Official Blurb:

Best-selling thriller author Reese Kelsey knows his career isn’t conducive to romance. He doesn’t work the normal nine-to-five, and sometimes his characters take hold and demand all his attention, causing him to neglect important appointments… and lovers. Rather than go through another heartbreak, Reese contents himself with his small circle of friends—fellow gay New York City artists—and his dedicated publicist, Chad.

Until he sees Owen Mercado lugging his cello toward the subway and impulsively offers him a ride.

Owen has worked long and hard for a career in the symphony, and success comes with a demanding schedule—something Reese understands. Their desires and lifestyles are surprisingly compatible, and Reese and Owen certainly set the bedroom on fire. They’re both carrying baggage, but they fit, and it’s hard not to hope for a future that once seemed impossible.

But when Reese’s work inevitably pulls him into its dark world and refuses to let go, Owen draws a hard line, and Reese discovers he can’t rely on good intentions alone. He will have to control the obsession that drove his other lovers away or risk losing Owen as well.






My web host disappeared from the internet last month with no warning!  I am in the process of creating a new site and a new blog, but in the meantime, my new email is jodipaynewrites@gmail.com.  You can also find me on Twitter @jodipayne and on Facebook!

My apologies for the lack of content…