Sin Deep is Available Now!

Sin Deep is set in The Cowboy and the Dom universe and features an opposites attract, May-December relationship.

Dominant Winter Love knows he needs to tread carefully because Harley McBride is used to being independent and handling things on his own. Will they be able to find a path that suits them both, or will their relationship stay simply sin deep?

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Preorder Tending Tyler!

Tyler was lost and overwhelmed before Matthew found him. Then he visited Matt’s busy ranch, met the cowboy’s beautiful children and huge, boisterous family, and discovered overwhelming didn’t have to be a bad thing.

Tending Tyler, the newest book by me and BA Tortuga is on preorder now!

Coming May 18th.

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Bartender, Tyler McKeehan, feels like his whole life is on hold. All he does is work and sleep, because he just doesn’t know how to move on with his day to day after the shocking loss of his best friend. When he meets Matt at Les’s Bar where he works in New York, though, he thinks he might have found someone who can nudge him out of his rut. The cowboy seems to live on fast forward, but at the same time, this kind, generous man makes Tyler feel wanted and safe.

Ranch owner, Matthew Whitehead, is just in New York for a visit. But when he runs into Tyler at Les’s Bar, he can tell right away that Tyler is special. Matt’s family thinks he makes snap decisions, and they worry about him, but he knows what he wants, and even after just a few days, he’s willing to fight to keep Tyler in his life. When Matt has to head back to Texas, he tells Tyler to come visit him and meet his kids. Soon.

Tyler doesn’t know if he can just pick up and go to Texas, but he misses Matt’s affection and calming presence, so when life gets too overwhelming, he makes the call. Between Matt’s huge, boisterous family, his children, his busy ranch, and the vast differences between New York City and Texas, Tyler wonders if he should go back to his old life every day. Matt is determined to keep Tyler right where he is, but can they overcome the odds against them and make a new life together?

Mergers & Acquisitions is now available!

“Tell me I’m wrong.” Oh, that voice sounded so strong, so confident.


“Tell me that was a throwaway kiss, and you were just tossing a hook at me, looking for tips. Tell me you felt nothing at all, that you didn’t want more. Tell me you didn’t see something you need in my eyes. Come on, Jersey, say it. Tell me that—or tell me your name.”

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Cover of Keeping Promises

The newest book by me and BA Tortuga is on preorder now.

Coming March 23rd.

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Jeremy M. Dunn III has the single dad thing down, so the last thing he wants to do is call his ex-husband to ask for help with their two kids. They didn’t part on good terms, and they’ve barely spoken since the divorce. But with a cast on his arm that goes up past his elbow, Jeremy has no choice. He needs a few days to figure out how to bathe their daughter, make school lunches and parent their son one-armed, and there isn’t anyone else he can ask for help.

Former rodeo cowboy West Belen was already on his way back to his kids, and to Trey (“the third”, his nickname for Jeremy). He made a promise to try again, and he means to keep it, so when he sees his chance to move back into his family’s life, he grabs it like the brass ring he knows it is. He’s determined to be more than an “every other weekend” dad to his children, and he doesn’t want to keep on living with regret about how he and Trey ended.

Jeremy still desires West, but he isn’t sure he can trust West to be responsible and available. West still thinks Trey is the hottest thing he’s ever seen, but he has no idea how to convince the man he’s ready to settle down. The two of them have never had trouble butting heads, but now they need to learn to work together to make a home for themselves and their kids where they both belong.

Just Dex Preorder!

NEW! Releasing January 19, 2021!

BA Tortuga and I are very excited to announce the upcoming release of Just Dex! It’s the first book in a new kinky series with lots of complication, grief and angst–and just as much discovery, triumph, and love.

Just in time.

When Dexter Appleton’s best friend Huck commits suicide, it damn near kills Dex too. Huck was a bull rider with a crazy life, and leaves behind a big house, and a ton of unanswered questions. But Dex is just a simple guy, just a Texas redneck trying to scrape together a life, and he can’t handle much more before he breaks.

Cyrus Hughes is a professional Dom. He’s shocked to learn that Huck is gone, he’s met with Huck twice a month for years, and didn’t expected to miss a client so much. When he heads to Texas to pay his respects, he instinctively feels protective of Huck’s anxious and unlikely best friend, Dexter.

The attraction between them grows, even long distance, until Cyrus insists he needs Dex with him in New York. Clinging to his last bit of hope, Dex takes a leap of faith and moves what little he still owns in with Cyrus, hoping to find his place is in the world, and learn how to love a lifestyle Dom.

Their path is full of trial and error, adjusting expectations and discovering how they fit together. Cyrus and Dex try to smooth out the rough edges and create their own family, one where Cyrus hopes to convince Dex that he’s not “just” anything. 


Preorder Now! Soft Limits, A Deviations Prequel

Soft Limits, A Deviations Novel, by Jodi Payne. Before there was Tobias and Noah, there was Bradford and Nikki.

It’s finally ready! Soft Limits: A Deviations Novel is a prequel to the Deviations Series, focusing on Bradford’s background, how he took over the club, and about his relationship with Nikki. Pick it up on preorder now!

Fans of the iconic Deviations series will fondly recall Bradford as the beloved owner and Master of the elite and exclusively male BDSM club that anchors the series, and also as the wise man who introduced Tobias and Noah.

Dominant Bradford’s story is one defined by sudden opportunity, unimaginable heartbreak, and new-found purpose. His calling is to provide a safe and supportive environment for men in the lifestyle. Bringing Doms and subs together is his superpower, yet he feels fated to be alone himself.

In this prequel to the series, you’ll discover how Bradford is first drawn to Nikki, a beautiful and hungry young man living on the streets, and the unexpected ways Bradford grows and changes while helping Nikki understand a world of strange, new desires.

Deviations readers already know outcome of Bradford and Nikki’s journey together. Soft Limits is a deep-dive into Bradford’s story, into what makes the Dom tick, and how he ended up with ownership of the club. It also introduces Nikki, the sub that tests Bradford’s patience, steals his heart, and soothes his soul.

Now available for preorder! B&N, Kobo, iBooks, Amazon.

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My Move to Independent Publishing.

Hello all.

Over Labor Day weekend, all of the books I had published with Dreamspinner Press (both solo and co-authored) will come down from all of the various outlets where they are currently for sale because the publication rights to those books revert to me on September 1.

Beginning at the end of September and continuing through the end of the year, all of those books will reappear two or three a month, typically on Fridays.

But Jodi, I need that book…

Ebooks will have to wait for re-release. But!

If you would like a paperback mailed to you, and/or will be at GayRomLit in Albuquerque in October, I have stock in-hand and you can order any of those books directly from me regardless of whether they have been re-released yet or not. That order form is here:

Coming in September!

My next NEW release is Land of Enchantment by me and BA Tortuga, and it will release on Tuesday, Sept. 24! Later that same week on Friday, September 27, my solo m/m/m romance, Stable Hill, will re-release and for the first time be available in Kindle Unlimited.

October will bring the re-release of Heart of a Redneck and Creative Process, and the debut of the first book in an m/m BDSM series by me any BA Tortuga, titled First Rodeo. So, there is plenty of new work to look forward to along with the re-release of the backlist titles.

Stay tuned! And those of you in the path of hurricane Dorian–please be smart and stay safe.

As always, thanks for reading.


I did a fun guest blog for Alpha Book Club today, this time talking about Owen and his band. I talk about what inspired the character and I even added some links to the YouTube videos. Dreamspinner Press

Dreamspinner Press is giving away a Gift Certificate, too!

Hope you enjoy it!

Creative Process – Release Week Blog Tour!

Hey! I’m on a little blog tour this week and next to celebrate the release of Creative Process (on 9/25)! I’m going to keep this blog post updated with the newest links for ease of location (and partly for my records):

9/20 Dreamspinner Press Blog

9/23 Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Blog

9/25 Release day! The Novel Approach Blog

9/26 Divine Magazine Blog (exclusive excerpt)

A universal buy link for Creative Process is HERE.

Also — remember you can find all my books with links to your favorite booksellers at Queeromance Ink.

Creative Process – Coming Soon!

Hey all,

It’s been a busy summer. I sold one house, moved out, bought another and moved in, which is no small feat with two kids and two cats. But it finally happened and I’m trying to find my focus again. I did get a well needed beach vacation, and the new house is wonderful so I’m not complaining at all.

In the meantime, great things have been going on behind the scenes. My new novel, Creative Process, is due to be released on September 25th! It’s actually available for preorder on Dreamspinner’s website now, and I’ll put up links on the book’s page for everywhere else when I get them.

It’s a story about Reese, a best-selling author who is frequently owned by his muse (a detective dead set on apprehending a serial killer), and haunted by the ghost of relationships past. It’s also a story about Owen, a cellist who has finally landed a position with the symphony, a goal he’s been working toward since he was young despite the disapproval of his family. It’s a story about their chance meeting, the different ways artistic lives can interfere with and also enhance relationships, and about making love a priority.

Reese and Owen are surrounded by an eclectic group of New York artists and friends – writers, musicians, sculptors, mixed media, painters, etc. – who play a big role in helping them along to their HEA.

Click here for an excerpt, and to pre-order!

The Official Blurb:

Best-selling thriller author Reese Kelsey knows his career isn’t conducive to romance. He doesn’t work the normal nine-to-five, and sometimes his characters take hold and demand all his attention, causing him to neglect important appointments… and lovers. Rather than go through another heartbreak, Reese contents himself with his small circle of friends—fellow gay New York City artists—and his dedicated publicist, Chad.

Until he sees Owen Mercado lugging his cello toward the subway and impulsively offers him a ride.

Owen has worked long and hard for a career in the symphony, and success comes with a demanding schedule—something Reese understands. Their desires and lifestyles are surprisingly compatible, and Reese and Owen certainly set the bedroom on fire. They’re both carrying baggage, but they fit, and it’s hard not to hope for a future that once seemed impossible.

But when Reese’s work inevitably pulls him into its dark world and refuses to let go, Owen draws a hard line, and Reese discovers he can’t rely on good intentions alone. He will have to control the obsession that drove his other lovers away or risk losing Owen as well.