Roadside Assistance

Contributors: Jodi Payne
Genre: , , , ,
Release Date: January 1, 2022
Pages: 76


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Drew Sadler is the single dad of a ten-year-old, and he’s got more than enough on his plate. He had a bad day at work, he’s in the doghouse with Evan again for being late to pick him up at school, and his car has broken down in the parking lot. Now he’s got to figure out how to deal with a tow and car repairs too.

This isn’t Nick MacPherson’s first breakdown call in the pouring rain, and the tow-truck operator doesn’t have good news for Drew. The soft-spoken, overwhelmed father is clearly at his wit’s end, and Nick finds he is drawn to the man and wants to help. He entertains Evan on the ride to the garage to give the guy a second to breathe.

Evan warms up to Nick right away, but Drew obviously has bigger issues on his mind. A late-night emergency isn’t the right time to ask Drew out, so Nick finds a subtle way to put the ball in Drew’s court.

Their first date goes well—really well—and the spark between them is undeniable. But if they move too fast, will they be headed for a different kind of breakdown?

Title: Roadside Assistance
Published by: Tygerseye Publishing, LLC
ISBN13: 978-1-951011-65-9