New Tricks

Contributors: Jodi Payne, BA Tortuga
Series: Les's Bar #4
Genre: , , , , ,
Release Date: May 21, 2024

Miniature artist Kit Swann is starting over when he moves to New York. His late husband left him nearly everything he needs, but living on his own in a big city can be lonely. He’s not sure if he’s ready yet, but that gay bar he’s been watching for a while from the coffee shop across the street is interesting to him, and he’s working up the courage to go inside.

Elijah Russo has been looking for a full-time partner for so long he’s ready to give up. The right man just doesn’t seem to exist until he meets Kit, he dares to wonder if he may have found exactly the man he’s looking for. Still, Kit’s guarded and grieving and may not even know if he wants the lifestyle Elijah could offer him.

The pair have to navigate their differences, from where they come from to what they know about their desires, while the shadow of the tragic death of Kit’s husband looms over them and makes navigating their relationship even more prickly. If they’re going to bring their very different lives together, they’ll have to teach each other some new tricks.

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