Seeds and Sunshine

Contributors: Jodi Payne, BA Tortuga
Series: East Meets Western #4
Genre: , , , , , , ,
Release Date: September 19, 2023
Pages: 211

Shiloh Williams lost his husband in the bullriding ring two years ago and hasn’t been able to move on. It’s been so long since he was happy he’s forgotten how to be. After making the long drive up to Vermont to visit friends, he finally decides that getting out of Texas might be the only way to leave the hard days of his past behind.

Tate Dutton is a high school math teacher in Burlington, and a part time driver for a local brewery in the evenings. It takes more than his teacher’s salary to keep his small dairy farm afloat, but he loves it so much, he doesn’t mind the extra work.

Shiloh has taken up residence in the back booth of a local bar where he’ll nurse one whiskey all night long. Tate has seen the cowboy many times, as it’s his favorite hangout too. The first time Tate stumbles into a conversation with Shiloh it doesn’t go so well, but Tate doesn’t seem to get the hint and before long Shiloh has no choice but to indulge the younger man.

Is there any hope for these two? Time will tell whether the grumpy Shiloh or the sunny Tate proves to be more stubborn, or if friends will interfere and bring them together.

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Also in this series:
Title: Seeds and Sunshine
Published by: Tygerseye Publishing, LLC

Pick Up Man

Contributors: Jodi Payne, BA Tortuga
Series: East Meets Western #5
Genre: , , , , ,
Release Date: March 19, 2024

Jack Boers and Hudson James had a wild affair one long weekend many years ago. But their lives were too different then to even think about something more. They’ve kept in touch, meeting up every year when the bull riding tour is in Anaheim to pick up where they left off, and spending every moment Jack isn’t in the arena in bed together.

But this year, Hudson has a plan. He’s in love with Jack, and even though he knows the cowboy has a man at every stop along the tour, he’s decided to ask for more.

Jack is an experienced, handsome cowboy, and he’s earned his reputation as a bad boy. He knows he can have any man he wants. But the last couple of years, he’s been looking forward to seeing Hudson more than he can understand. He’s really not the rambling man he used to be, and he wonders sometimes if there’s anything out there for him once he retires.

When Hudson’s plan backfires, he’s not sure how to handle the situation. Jack is just keeping his head down and working, unable to understand what is, or what’s not, happening between them. Can they figure out their communication issues before the weekend is over? Or will they be left with “see you same time next year”?

Pick Up Man is a second chance, opposites attract romance featuring a smoking hot bull riding pick-up man, and a wealthy entrepreneur.

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Also in this series:
Title: Pick Up Man
Published by: Tygerseye Publishing, LLC
ISBN13: 978-1-951011-94-9