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Read Olivia Joy!

Check out this fun new series of standalone books by Olivia Joy! It’s the AirB&D Series, set in a kinky vacation home in Maine that’s owned by a slightly magical matchmaker.

Out Now! Just Dex

Just Dex, by me and BA Tortuga has been released and is available for purchase in ebook and paperback, and to read in KU.

Just Dex Preorder!

BA Tortuga and I are very excited to announce the upcoming release of Just Dex! It’s the first book in a new kinky series with lots of complication, grief and angst–and just as much discovery, triumph, and love.

Just in time.

When Dexter Appleton’s best friend Huck commits suicide, it damn near kills Dex too. Huck was a bull rider with a crazy life, and leaves behind a big house, and a ton of unanswered questions. But Dex is just a simple guy, just a Texas redneck trying to scrape together a life, and he can’t handle much more before he breaks.

Cyrus Hughes is a professional Dom. He’s shocked to learn that Huck is gone, he’s met with Huck twice a month for years, and didn’t expected to miss a client so much. When he heads to Texas to pay his respects, he instinctively feels protective of Huck’s anxious and unlikely best friend, Dexter.

The attraction between them grows, even long distance, until Cyrus insists he needs Dex with him in New York. Clinging to his last bit of hope, Dex takes a leap of faith and moves what little he still owns in with Cyrus, hoping to find his place is in the world, and learn how to love a lifestyle Dom.

Their path is full of trial and error, adjusting expectations and discovering how they fit together. Cyrus and Dex try to smooth out the rough edges and create their own family, one where Cyrus hopes to convince Dex that he’s not “just” anything. 

All New Deviations Covers!

Hey everyone, have you seen the new Deviations covers? I’m so excited about them. We’ve recovered the original series of four books, plus the add on novel and my solo addition (Soft Limits) as well! If you haven’t had a chance to drool over them yet, here they are:

They’ve also gone wide (Kobo, B&N, etc) and are available at Audible too!

Here are all the links, in order of the series:

Safe Words
Soft Limits

Special Delivery Preorder

NEW! Releasing November 24, 2020!

BA Tortuga and I are very excited to announce the upcoming release of Special Delivery! It’s a Christmas novel featuring the men from Wrecked.

And baby makes three?

It’s fall in Vermont. The holidays are coming, the leaves are turning brilliant colors, and Skyler and Beckett are expecting a baby! They’re picking out furniture and paint colors for the nursery. They’re looking at ultrasounds and choosing names.

But nothing is ever simple for these two, and something they’re not expecting throws a wrench–or a great big crowbar–into Beck’s carefully planned paternity leave and Sky’s nursery decorations. But is it a disaster, a blessing, or both?

As with all deliveries, they’re at the mercy of fate and mother nature. They’ll be adding to their family for Christmas—but they’ll be doing it in the most chaotic way possible.

Salon du Livre Paris!

I’m thrilled to announce that I have been invited by my French publisher, Juno Publishing, to attend the Paris Book Fair. The fair runs March 20-23, and I have three signing sessions:

Friday, March 20 10:00am-12:00pm
Saturday, March 21 3:30pm-5:30pm
Sunday, March 22 10:00am-12:00pm

Look for copies of First Rodeo, the first book in The Cowboy and the Dom Series by me and BA Tortuga, and Bondage, the fourth book in the Deviations Series with Chris Owen. Chris will be there and signing too!

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of readers I’ve never met before! I’ll have special swag just for the event. If you’re at the fair, I hope you’ll come and say hello.

Celebrate the release of Soft Limits!

Preorder Now! Soft Limits, A Deviations Prequel

Soft Limits, A Deviations Novel, by Jodi Payne. Before there was Tobias and Noah, there was Bradford and Nikki.

It’s finally ready! Soft Limits: A Deviations Novel is a prequel to the Deviations Series, focusing on Bradford’s background, how he took over the club, and about his relationship with Nikki. Pick it up on preorder now!

Fans of the iconic Deviations series will fondly recall Bradford as the beloved owner and Master of the elite and exclusively male BDSM club that anchors the series, and also as the wise man who introduced Tobias and Noah.

Dominant Bradford’s story is one defined by sudden opportunity, unimaginable heartbreak, and new-found purpose. His calling is to provide a safe and supportive environment for men in the lifestyle. Bringing Doms and subs together is his superpower, yet he feels fated to be alone himself.

In this prequel to the series, you’ll discover how Bradford is first drawn to Nikki, a beautiful and hungry young man living on the streets, and the unexpected ways Bradford grows and changes while helping Nikki understand a world of strange, new desires.

Deviations readers already know outcome of Bradford and Nikki’s journey together. Soft Limits is a deep-dive into Bradford’s story, into what makes the Dom tick, and how he ended up with ownership of the club. It also introduces Nikki, the sub that tests Bradford’s patience, steals his heart, and soothes his soul.

Now available for preorder! B&N, Kobo, iBooks, Amazon.

Universal Link:

Book Signing 10/26

Fall in Love with a Romance Author Book Signing

Come join me and a handful of other NJ romance writers, check out our books and get them signed!

October 26, 12:00pm

Barnes & Noble, Woodland Park, NJ
Caldor Plaza
1156 Route 46 West
Woodland Park, NJ 07424