All New Deviations Covers!

Hey everyone, have you seen the new Deviations covers? I’m so excited about them. We’ve recovered the original series of four books, plus the add on novel and my solo addition (Soft Limits) as well! If you haven’t had a chance to drool over them yet, here they are:

They’ve also gone wide (Kobo, B&N, etc) and are available at Audible too!

Here are all the links, in order of the series:

Submission https://books2read.com/dev1submission
Domination https://books2read.com/dev2domination
Discipline https://books2read.com/dev3discipline
Bondage https://books2read.com/dev4bondage
Safe Words https://books2read.com/dev5safewords
Soft Limits https://books2read.com/dev6softlimits

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